Cracks in precast elements for ProRail repaired with Basilisk Liquid System

Cracks in precast elements for ProRail repaired with Basilisk Liquid System The precast elements are manufactured by Strukton as part of a renovation project of a railway platform in order of Prorail. After production, some elements have shown shrinkage crack between 0,1 tot 0,25 mm. As these will be used on the platforms, in [...]


Concrete repair highway bridge with Basilisk repair mortar

Concrete repair highway bridge with Basilisk repair mortar MR3 The bridge is part of the Highway A20 in the Netherlands nearby Rotterdam. Within this project, several repairs were executed with Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 to ensure a durable and sustainable repair of this important overpass. With Basilisk Self-Healing Repair Mortar MR3 you can [...]


Self-Healing Concrete in wall construction at Evides buffer tank

Self-healing concrete in lower wall construction at Evides buffer tank. The buffer tank is the 2nd tank of the expansion of the waste water treatment plant of Evides Industrialwater in the Netherlands, executed with Self-healing concrete from Basilisk. Within this project, the wall construction of the Buffer tank was carried out with Basilisk Healing [...]


Het Loo Palace

Het Loo Palace Project: Het Loo Palace Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands Year:  2019-2020 Product: Basilisk Healing Agent Size: 5000 m³ The project involves a large underground extension of the basement of the Palace, which will ultimately function as a museum. It is obvious, that the water tightness of the concrete construction is of great importance in this application. For this, [...]


Water basin Port of Rotterdam

Water basin Port of Rotterdam Project: Water basin Port of Rotterdam Location: Rotterdam Year:  2017 Product: Basilisk Healing Agent Size: 70 m³ A water basin of Port of Rotterdam has been constructed with special concrete walls. Due to addition of Basilisk Healing Agent to the concrete the walls will be able to heal itself when cracking occurs. The system is based on [...]


Groninger Forum

Groninger Forum Project: Groninger Forum Location: Groningen Year:  2015 Product: Self-healing Repair Mortar MR3 Size: Few meters of crack   The Groninger Forum is realized with an excavation of diaphragm walls. The diaphragm walls will remain within sight of users. The car park comprises five storeys underground, which particularly in the lower floor results [...]


Parking garage Apeldoorn

Parking garage Apeldoorn Project: Parking garage Apeldoorn Location: Apeldoorn Year: 2014 - 2016 Product: Liquid Repair System ER7 Size: 12.000 m² After a first successful small pilot study, carried out in a garage in Vlissingen, the first large-scale application of the liquid repair system has been conducted on an intermediate floor of a parking [...]