Project Description

Het Loo Palace

Project: Het Loo Palace
Location: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Year:  2019-2020
Product: Basilisk Healing Agent
Size: 5000 

The project involves a large underground extension of the basement of the Palace, which will ultimately function as a museum. It is obvious, that the water tightness of the concrete construction is of great importance in this application. For this, a watertight membrane was originally included in the design. Since this method involves the necessary (execution) risks, the Healing Agent of Basilisk was ultimately chosen. Healing Agent gives self-healing properties to the concrete. As a result, cracks are repaired autonomously and the construction remains permanently watertight. An additional advantage is that this solution is less labor-intensive and therefore of a positive effect on the project’s planning.

Museum Het Loo Palace is one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands. With the renovation of the palace, the museum is improving the facilities to receive the growing number of visitors in a hospitable and professional way. In 2021 the palace’s construction will be finished and ready for the future.