Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete

Basilisk has a number of unique products that enable Self-Healing Concrete. The technology is based on micro-organisms that produce limestone, as a result crack formation in concrete structures can be autonomously repaired. This way the durability of the concrete structure is greatly improved. The autonomous repair system is implemented in several products that are applicable for both new constructions and existing structures. Currently cracks up to 1 mm can be repaired, but the development goes on.

The technology was developed and patented in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology. After successful testing the interest from the (concrete) market grew strongly. The commercial establishment of Basilisk became a fact. For different applications Basilisk collaborates with renowned names in the international world of concrete. As a result, a broad introduction of the technology on a large scale is made possible.

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Basilisk has a number of unique patented products enabling Self-Healing Concrete. Here you find an overview of our products.



Curious what Basilisk can offer you? Here you can find an overview of the realized projects.



There is a lot of interest for Basilisk from all over the world. Keep up to date of the latest news items and developments!

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Self-Healing Concrete enables new innovative solutions and applications:

  • Watertight concrete from the plant

  • Reducing shrinkage reinforcemet

  • CO2 savings made visual with our new tool

  • Environmental friendly concrete

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Become a partner

We want to have a large impact on construction, but we cannot do this by ourselves. That’s why we are always looking for partners in terms of distributors, applicators, launching customers and concrete producers.


The latest news

JP Concrete becomes Launching Customer UK

April 20th, 2021|

JP Concrete is Basilisk's launching customer in the UK and launches an eco-productline of concrete mixes for precast and in situ projects. JP Concrete has been supplying precast concrete products to the construction and agricultural [...]

Basilisk co-signer of the Dutch Concrete Agreement

March 9th, 2021|

Green-Basilisk has also signed the Dutch Concrete Agreement at the end of last year. With this we expressed that we would like to get involved and contribute when it comes to achieving the climate [...]

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